Aditya Permana

Aditya Permana is a Jakarta based musician and a DJ, who has spent his adult years following his passion for analog drums and synths. Aditya is a co founder of Dekadenz, a regular showcase of new wave inspired electronic club music. Known for pushing a club night that offers more mature and challenging music, Dekadenz evolved into a record label, on which Aditya has a few releases of his own. The label also hosts producers in the region and internationally who are known for bringing experimental sounds into a club. Aditya’s releases on Dekadenz Records include elements like dub versions of post punk, EBM and weird disco tracks, re-shaped in his own style, and bringing into play drum machines that add an intense quality to his music.

2020-08-28 21.30 – 22.30 Aditya Permana
Welcome to Booth.

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