Anton Wirjono

Anton Wirjono. His work at Future10 has pushed the Indonesia music & entertainment scene forward. Coming back from his studies & his start in DJing & producing raves in the California Bay Area Anton started his DJ career in Jakarta in the mid 90’s. There was such a huge demand for his appearance that he started a company called Future10 to handle the management, production & sponsorships that came with his gigs. Future10 went to become a prominent event producer. Promoting through targeted flyers, IRC chat channels & an email database, he built up a following that filled up every venue they performed at. Future10 went on to produce the first multi stage music festival in Indonesia that incorporated djs, bands, art & food called Jakarta Movement that had over 15,000 in attendance & had award winning brands under him called Back in the Days, The Junction Festival Bali & many others. That many copied his model was a testament to its success. He was awarded one of 10 people with a midas touch in entertainment by MTV Trax Magazine Indonesia in 2002 & later a few more awards including a couple of lifetime achievement awards that recognized that he raised the bar in innovation & brought professionalism to the electronic dance music industry in Indonesia & inspired many to follow in his footsteps (keep in mind that this was way before the era of private jet-setting DJs of now). His mix of professionalism & passion showed that he could create value from something he loved to do. Along the way companies that Anton looked up to like Adidas, Nike, Sony, Samsung, Heineken, Vespa, BMW, MINI & others, including various charity organizations, knocked on his door to do events or activations with them, to penetrate this hard to please target market. For years Future10 did brand activation for these companies through sponsorships, associations, bespoke or branded events. Many projects were commissioned & others were won through pitches (Future10 had an 80% pitch win rate). Anton stated the rewards of the business that has zero tolerance for error was high, but was not worth the high stress & long nights. One night in August 2008 at a Future10 produced Nike launch event that incorporated an art exhibition, food, retail & music, Anton realized he was collaborating with a team that was to be co-founders for his next business idea. He wanted to make a business around his other obsession at that time which was for curated retail inspired by high fashion, street wear & sneaker culture. The vision was big centers where people could shop, eat & socialize in the best locations. But not having retail background made it difficult. Anton, knowing his strengths, decided his next project will be a retail event called Brightspot Market. Brightspot Market Seeing the potential in Indonesian retail entrepreneurs that were selling or producing really interesting fashion, accessories, food etc within their communities or through their online channels, Anton led his team to create a curated festival, not of music this time, but of creative commerce. The first event in an empty space in Plaza Indonesia had barely 25 vendors & 5,000 people through the doors. The last event 9 years later had 80,000 people with 200 vendors & about double that amount on waiting list! Brightspot manage to start this movement of independent young individuals & brands that were making products in fashion, in food, in accessories etc that were desired by the mass market. It signals the “changing of the guards in the retail business” as Anton would say. In the hyper connected internet fueled world, cool is becoming king in Jakarta & Brightspot was at the forefront. That Brightspot was championing Indonesia product being as cool as cool international brands, helped this movement to become even stronger. The Goods Dept Seeing the success of Brightspot Market, Anton & team responded by starting their original vision of their dream store. Mall operators at this time saw that Brightspot with it’s unique sourcing method, promotion & support of local entrepreneurs was bringing in the target market that they want & in droves. This created the opportunity. Plaza Indonesia gave them a 1,000m2 space for 1 year & a team of early investors gave them the funding to start The Goods Dept in the end of 2010. The first store opened with long lines & big headlines. The store served what Anton & co-founders envisioned & more. It became an extremely effective platform for emerging brands to promote, sell & grow their business (after they have gone through the tight curation process) alongside carefully selected International brands or more established local ones. The stores also generates a lot of traffic in every mall it is in. What started out as a humble eating corner in the first store, The Goods food concepts has become 40% of the business & is growing rapidly. The Goods Dept has now expanded to multiple outlets, in the best malls in Jakarta, for both the retail & the food, serving the passion points of the ever growing cool hunters all over Jakarta. There is even a Goods Coffee at The Bali airport serving stylish travellers the best coffee in the terminal. The Goods Dept has also been selected by the team from Nike in Oregon as a rare retailer that would sell their limited edition sneakers. These are shoes that even the Nike stores don’t carry. This is an extremely difficult account to get. Then Adidas also selected The Goods as their pinnacle retailer. The Adidas X Kanye West collaboration is only sold at The Goods Dept for the whole of Indonesia. A few other international brands have stated that they will follow. These special relationships strengthens the Goods as the right partner for a lot of other brands to sell & promote & more importantly for the new start up brands to partner with. Anton had this vision early on that Indonesia could someday become a global style inspiration, something that Korea contemporary culture has currently achieved. From the beginning it was designed to be a timeless platform or an ecosystem of makers & seekers, where trends & ideas to weave in & out of. It is now evident that it is coming true. Anton has big plans for the Goods, seeing the brand as a universal provider for the modern person. The mission statement: The Goods creates, curates & collaborates to make a difference. He wants it to be a big & international Indonesian brand that could enrich a lot of people’s lives, offline & online. We don’t doubt that it is going to happen.

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