Edo Wallad

Edo Wallad's works are interdiciplinary. He is a singer-songwriter in a post-punk band The Safari and featured in other bands such as Agrikulture and Texpack. In the late 2018, Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia published his first poetry book 'Pesta Sebelum Kiamat'. He experiments with soundscape poetry performances in many music and literary events, one of them was We The Fest 2018. He is now working on a documentary film #jogedkeramas, which potrays Jakarta's britpop scene back in the 90's. His eclectic music taste is expressed through his other persona as a DJ under the name Edophilia.

2020-08-29 23.15 – 23.30 Edo Wallad poetry reading session 2
Welcome to Booth.

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