Energy Room

In 2002, a group of 4 with similar interest and similar idea of fun created Energyroom, and it’s growing into a family. Energyroom is about the city and its influences on them, from their ways of thinking to their ways of doing music that is reflected in their parties. Coloring the city of Yogyakarta’s underground scenes since the first time with raves, and club parties, Thermodynamics at Safir Café, which was held in 2002, became the first party they ever made. Later on, in 2003, together with Advark Lab, Energyroom held an Urban Gathering at the Boko Temple, which became the trigger to many subsequent parties in Yogyakarta. Apart from those, there’s Hellodisco. It is one of the longest-ever series they have held since 2004, aside from Avalon Groove and Superjocks. Up until today, Energyroom is also getting involved in many other subcultures in Yogyakarta.

2020-08-29 18.00 – 19.00 Noor Energy Room
2020-08-29 17.00 – 18.00 Wachid Energy Room
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