Gerhan is a DJ / Producer / Remixer and Label owner (Akamady Records). He honed a musicality of sonic layers rooted in rock & Reggae Dub sensibility. Bringing these sounds to Jakarta, he quickly became a core figure in Jakarta's underground dance music scene. From reinterpreting dub in the infamous 'Reggae Revolution' parties to 'Quirk it!' and ‘Music Akamady Sessions’ he is quietly influential, consistently in demand, and remains as ever, a little out-of-reach of the radar. He’d been DJ-ing in these past years in various cities in Europe and Asia such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka Hong Kong and various major cities in Indonesia His alternate identity KOMODO has released 'Magic Hour EP' on Cocktail d'Amore (Berlin), ‘Make It Scream / Night Time’ on Ene Records (Tokyo), ‘Running Into The Sun EP’ on Not Animal Records (London) and more other releases to follow.

2020-08-29 20.00 – 21.00 Gerhan
Welcome to Booth.

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