Homogenic (stylized as HMGNC) is an electronic music project by Dina Dellyana (Synths & Programming), Grahadea Kusuf (Synths & Programming) and Amandia Syachridar (vocals). HMGNC first set sail in the music world and kept with their unique journer. It is not without a reason that they still hold out up until today. Every album, every steps that they take, are not merely, and solely based on their desire to play music. Change of personnel, formats, the routines of each of the personnel and their concerns, the exploration of their music that is getting deeper and deeper, all of them forged and shaped the character of HMGNC today. HMGNC is still HMGNC, always upholding electronic music. Inorganic beats, synth, fun instruments arranged in such a way. In the end, their rich musical works are summarised in a simple concepts that they refer to as Electronic Sci-Pop.

2020-08-28 20.15 – 21.00 HMGNC
Welcome to Booth.

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